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Those who brave the abyss will yield true power

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Explore the Abyss

The abyss is a multiverse of unqiue worlds. Each world has its own lore, challenges and rewards.

Dangerous Foes Await

Heavily punishing,  deeply satisfying combat. Each enemy has its own strategies and weaknesses.

powerful characters

Each character in The Fabled has it's own unique stats and abilities. Powerful enemies will require the proper setup.

Powerful Mounts

Take to the skies on the backs of beasts & dragons, where you will face new challenges and enemies to overcome.

A new Fantasy world

The Overworld beckons, and mighty warriors, gods and demons heed its call. In search of power, they venture to distant worlds far corrupted beyond recognition.

Explore the diverse worlds in Trinity Of The Fabled, each with its own lore, habitat, and characters. You will encounter dangerous adversaries, unlikely allies, and characters with their own motivations. Tread wisely.

Deep World Exploration

Immerse yourself in the vast fantastical landscapes in Trinity Of The Fabled. Fight enemies and hunt for treasures in unique worlds from desolate ice kingdoms to swamplands.

Experience a never-before seen level of exploration and variety in a souls-like title.



Fast Paced Action

Combat in Trinity Of The Fabled is usually fast paced, requiring skills and quick reflexes to succeed. There are many different combat styles to choose from when fighting.

Unreal Engine 5

Experience stunning visuals with real-world physics and high definition graphics. Optimized for Blockchain Gaming.

In-depth AI

Trinity Of The Fabled features an in-depth AI and NPC interaction system complete with branching dialog decision trees and complex AI behavior mechanics that bring the world of The Fabled to life.

Friends & Foes

Depending on your interactions, you may find yourself making friends and allies or enemies and mortal foes. Allies can be recruited as followers which you can bring into The Abyss to fight alongside you.

Own Your Rewards

Players who opt into the Web3 features will be able to own and trade the characters and artifacts they collect and mint in-game. All minted characters, houses, and creatures exist on the Blockchain as player-owned assets.

NFT items contain varying rarities and limited supply of each.


Phase 1
Working Prototype

Gameplay Trailer

Website Alpha

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Social Media Presence

Community Growth
Phase 2
Strategic Partnerships

Partnership Announcements

Update Roadmap

Updated Whitepaper

Team Expansion

Alpha Demo Trailer
Phase 3 (Current Phase)
TGE Date Announcement

Website Update

Character NFT Sale

Closed Alpha Demo

Marketing Strategies
Phase 4
House & Creature Sales

Open Beta

Phase 5
Game Release

Conjuration/Fusion integration

In-game Rewards
Phase 6
Co-op Integration

New Levels, Items & Weapons
Phase 7

More new Levels, Items & Weapons

Plans for the future

We plan to continuously update the game and release new levels, characters, weapons etc. Throughout the years to provide you with a fresh and new experience throughout The Fabled life cycle.

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